Wesco takes pride in each piece we produce for you...but we also know that what our customers see is sometimes different than what we do. So we offer quality assurance to every customer, giving them the opportunity to "proof" their printed piece prior to running the entire job. Additionally, our staff will look at every piece and do our best to point out potential issues, but the best proof-reader is you because you created this piece!

Our goal is to save everyone time and money and produce the best possible publication for your needs.

When proofing your print job, take all of the following in to consideration:


Is what was printed the same as what you see on your computer screen? Often times, colors will look different in print than they do on a computer. If you submitted your document with photos that were in RGB rather than CMYK mode, there may be a significant difference when you see the printed piece. See our guidelines for further details about the use of photography.

Paper Choice

This is the perfect time to "make sure" that you wanted matte and not gloss, or that the thickness of the paper is what you hoped for.

Additional Considerations:

  • Be sure to check that all of the following are correct:

  • Are pages printed at the right size?

  • Are the photographs, artwork, and text in the right places?

  • Are the images and text clear and focused?

  • Are the correct typefaces used?

  • Did special characters such as fractions and copyright marks translate correctly?

  • Do you see scratches, dust, or broken characters?

If there are significant changes, request a second proof so you are sure all the changes were made. Again, our goal is your complete satisfaction and getting a "good proof" will help ensure that!