Mailing Services

Wesco Graphics can do it all!

We can take your printed products and send them directly to your clients, customers and supporters for you utilizing various databases. Our close working relationship with the various post offices provides you with the most efficient and timely delivery of your product.

Our extremely knowledgeable mailing department is continuously staying focused on the new requirements and providing correct paperwork to assure you the smoothest post office entry.

We will help you create a customized mailing targeted to your market area. We also find ways to save you money by cleaning up your database to avoid duplication and outdated information thus reducing postage.

We help you understand the constantly shifting postal requirements and formatting for publications.

 Wesco Graphics offers:

  • CASS Certification & NCOA processing
  • Inkjet Addressing
  • Permit & metered postage
  • Route Tagging
  • Mail drops (whole, delayed, and intermittent)
  • Database cleaning
  • Verifying in your post office and then providing mail drops (DDU) to the post offices for even more cost savings on your postage