Offset Web Printing

Perfect for large quantities and publications such as newspapers, newspaper inserts/ads, magazines, catalogs, and books.









Offset printing is the most common form of high-volume commercial printing due to advantages in quality and efficiency in high-volume jobs. The more you print, the less you pay per page. Offset web printing is a process in which ink is allowed to dry naturally through evaporation and absorption utilizing a continuous roll of paper which is fed through a printing press.

Advantages of offset printing compared to other printing methods include:

•  Constant high image quality. Offset printing produces sharp and clean images and type more easily than letterpress printing because the rubber blanket confirms to the texture of the printing surface.

•  Quick and easy production of printing plates. Getting your file ready for print is quick and easy.

•  Longer printing plate life. Properly developed plates running in conjunction with optimized inks and fountain solution may exceed run lengths of a million impressions.

•  Offset printing is the least expensive method to produce high quality printing in commercial printing quantities.

 Wesco specializes in environmentally Eco-Friendly four color printing.